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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kajal Yamudu in Bollywood.

Strange are the ways of few starlets when they talk about their affinity towards a particular cine circuit. And this time, many in Tollywood were upset with what the top league actress Kajal Agarwal had to say. Apparently, Kajal was sharing her thoughts in an interview as part of her debut film in Bollywood.

She is pairing up with Ajay Devgn for the Hindi version of ‘Yamudu’ in Bollywood. Kajal reportedly said “I never identified myself as a south Indian actress, Mumbai is my home and I am from north India.” While most of them didn’t bother, one famous English daily journalist too this and made it the key article for the cinema edition.

Now, the southern circuit got a whiff of this and are reportedly very upset. A key member of the south Indian film chamber said “Mostly, we will be formalizing the required action plan to keep Kajal away from the south cinema. It is common for heroines to attach themselves to the circuit they are working by saying few good things, that’s okay. But saying something like this is wrong. Kajal is a top league star and she must not forget the roots of her success. With these recent statements, she seems to have forgotten that and will face the consequences.”

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